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Thank you for your interest in this event! See the instructions below on how to get involved.

Instruction 1  –  Read and Sign the KAHC MEAL PACK EVENT Form.
The MEAL PACK EVENT Form  has to be signed by each volunteer (or parent/guardian) before meal packing.  It is preferred that this form is completed ahead of time and brought to the event when they come.   
  Note: if someone forgets this form at home – we will have blank forms at the warehouse for signing.  
Instruction 2  –  Schedule yourself into the online schedule by opening up the attached link and scheduling yourself into your choice of days and time slots, and provide us with your contact info in case there is a problem.
OPEN THIS LINK for scheduling yourself: CLICK HERE
IMPORTANT – when the link opens up you get an EXCEL spreadsheet  –  YOU MUST:
1. SCROLL TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE (as it usually does not open at the top of the page),
        and you need to select the ‘VIEWING’ TAB and then the option for ‘EDITING’  in order for you to edit your name into the schedule.
2. There are two Section TABS at the bottom of the screen – use both of them:
     a) CHOOSE SHIFTStab – this tab opens the sheet for you to schedule your name in your choice of days and times.
     b) VOLUNTEER CONTACT INFO tab – this tab opens up a sheet for you to enter your email & phone number so we can reach you.
     c) When finishing inputting your data in the two tabs, simply close out (click the X in top right corner) – it saves your info ok when you do this.
ANY QUESTIONS ? – call Wayne McConnachie @ (705) 749-3717