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Because life is better connected

     At Pathway Church we aim to create genuine communities that produce active and growing disciples.  We do this by facilitating communities where people can connect relationally and grow spiritually.  Both are important and Life Groups are an ideal setting to accomplish each.
     We create groups of 8-13 adults that meet regularly in the homes of those in our church family from late-September until mid-late May.  During this time we create an environment in which people can pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships within these various groups.  God created us to live in community and Life Groups create that opportunity to grow and learn from each other and draw on the experience of others.  Life can be complicated and in Life Groups we wrestle with how to live out the truths of the Bible and grow in our relationship with God – and we do this together.  This is a place where we gain friendships, are supported, cared for and do the same for those around us.
     If you’ve been attending Pathway for at least 3 months and are ready to take a step towards community please fill out the form below to get started.  We have two main on ramps for Life Groups, in Sept and January, but if we get enough people to form a group in between those times, we will certainly form one.
     COVID NOTE: During periods of restrictions groups may not meet in homes all the time.  Between Zoom, meeting outdoors and homes, when possible, we find a variety of ways to meet.
     Please don’t hesitate to contact our Connections Director if you have any questions that are not answered in our FAQ’s below.  


Life Group F.A.Q’s

A Life Group is essentially a small group of individuals who meet 3x each month to study, pray, and do life together. It is in the context of these groups that we can support and encourage one another.

Most of our Life Groups are closed because we believe that it is important to build trusting relationships where people can be honest, transparent, and even vulnerable.  For most people – this type of relationship will only develop with lots of time.  Our small groups will typically stay together for 1 to 2 years and then we will divide them (keeping some of the group members together) and multiplying the group by adding new families.  We usually have 2 or 3 opportunities (September & January) each year for people to join a group.

The one exception to this rule is our Young Adults Small Group which is open throughout the year for newcomers.

Our groups take place at a time and location that works for each individual group.  We presently have groups meeting on most nights of the week.  Locations will vary throughout the year as families will take turns hosting the group in their homes.

We typically try to keep the groups to 5 or 6 families (kids are often in attendance as well) so that everyone can participate and be involved in the discussion.

We ask that you do not join a Life Group if you are still trying to choose a church home.  Everyone who joins a Life Group will need to be willing to commit for the upcoming 9 months.  This is difficult to do if you are not yet certain if this is your church home.

There are a number of things for you to consider as you join a Life Group:

  1. Be willing to attend as often as possible (groups meet 3x month)
  2. Be willing to host (if possible, many groups will rotate host homes)
  3. Be willing to bring snack (on a rotation)
  4. Be willing to contribute to the group in conversation, helping with organization, and with children (if applicable)

Life Group Registration is now done online and will be open for small windows each fall and in the New Year.  The link will be on our homepage during these windows.  Through this link you will be able to see any open groups and sign up for one that works for you.