We believe that connecting with others and doing your faith in a small community of people is vital to your spiritual growth.  That is why we divide our church up into many small groups which meet throughout the week to learn, pray, and do life together.  We call these groups Life Groups.

In September we host an event called Life Link in which many of the groups are formed for the upcoming year.  Here are a list of frequently asked questions that will help you better understand how this event is run and how you can engage in a Life Group.

Next Scheduled Event:

September 18, 2016 – 6:30 p.m. @ Rhema


Life Link is taking on a new twist this year.  In previous years it’s been a live event but new for this year all our sign up will be online.  Online Registration will open after noon on Sunday Sept 9, 2018 and close Sept 20, 2018.  The link to the signup page will be available on our homepage at www.pathwaylife.com and, once clicked, you can look at the different options and pick the group that works for you within that window.  Please note that once groups are full there can be no other signups for that group.

Most groups from last year will not be staying together (at least not in their entirety).  There are some that are fully or partially staying together and that’s great but for some it’s time to change it up. Both can be great options.  That does not mean that you can’t sign up together with someone from your last small group that you connected with either.  Hopefully this helps everyone have the best of both worlds

The one thing we ask is that you don’t sign up for a Life Group if you’ve been attending the church less than 3 months.  This is simply because it’s best for everyone involved if you are confident that this is where you want me be and grow.

In addition we encourage everyone to show up, join in and be real.  If you have no intention of doing any of these things then perhaps now is not the best time for you to join a group.

Registration will only be open from after noon on Sept 9, 2018 until Sept 21, 2018.  Unless you were already in a group last year and wish to stay, you cannot sign up before registration opens.

If you are uncomfortable signing up online please go to Todd Cook directly or ask for him at the welcome table on one of the Sunday’s that take place during the registration period.  He will then try to place you in a group that will work for you.

The number of group members will vary from group to group. Our aim is to have most groups around 10-12 adults although some groups may have more or less (this will be at the leader’s discretion). Please keep in mind that there will be additional people who cannot make it to the event who will be added into groups as necessary.

Some of our Life Groups will have a specific focus, others will not.  If a Life Group leader has a specific focus in mind for the group (ie: parenting, marriage) it will be clearly noted on the registration page.

There will be some stage of life groups and that information will be in the group description of each individual group.

We will likely not have enough preset leaders for the number of people that want to participate in a Life Group.  That’s ok.  We will have options that currently do not have a set leader and you can sign up in these.  If there isn’t enough people to make a full group on a certain night we’ll investigate combining groups that don’t have a preset leader.

There are a number of things you can do in preparation for registration:

  • Consider what you’re looking for in a group.
  • If you are married, talk to your spouse about it before attending if possible.
  • Figure out which nights of the week will work best for you.
  • Decide how you will handle childcare (Will you bring your child or get a sitter?)
  • pray and ask God to lead you to the right group for you.

As a general rule, No. We have closed group policy at Pathway Church because it allows us to develop trust and confidentiality, which are integral to building community. That being said, if a group has space, and everyone presently in the group is on board with the addition, we would certainly make an exception.  Also they can also wait until the next registration period after Christmas.

First, we would ask you to please give it a chance. We believe that God is smarter than us, and bigger than us, and can make things work way better than we could ever imagine. That being said, if after the first 8 weeks of Life Groups you simply cannot continue, we will provide an opportunity to exit your group at that time.

No! It’s far more valuable than anything you can afford, so we have decided not to charge anything. Kidding of course – there is no charge to be in Life Groups. You may be required to purchase a booklet or two depending on the curriculum the group selects. Most of these cost less than $10 and will only be required on occasion.

Ideally everyone would commit to the duration of our Life Group season (Sept – May) but we do provide an offramp before Christmas in case the chemistry just isn’t there.  And sometimes it’s not.  And that’s ok.  So essentially we’re asking for approximately a 10 week commitment to try the group and if it works, finish out the season.  If not – we’ll look for a better fit in January.

For more information about our Life Link event or about Life Groups is general – Please contact todd@pathwaylife.com