Stretching our faith and giving for greater reach


BACK IN 2010 …

5 families began meeting together to pray and to prepare for the launch of a new kind of church. They believed that God was calling them to create a church that would reach people who were not really into church.  They envisioned a place where anyone could come and hear about Jesus in a way that would be relevant and helpful.  On September 26th, 2010 the first service was held at Rhema Christian School.


  • Hundreds of people engaging in the Pathway Church community
  • Dozens of baptisms and dedications
  • Outreach events
  • Over 60% of our people participating in small groups – doing life together
  • Increased generosity each year for our local and overseas mission partners
  • A thriving family and youth ministry that is making a difference in the lives of so many families


We have been a portable church doing ministry in a rented facility for the past 8 years.  We are thankful for all that we have accomplished during this time, but we also look forward to what is ahead.  We believe that now is the time to begin stretching our faith as we make preparations for a permanent facility that will become our base of operations for years to come.

From the beginning, our dream has been to reach our community with the gospel.  A building is simply a tool that will help us have a greater impact.  Having a permanent facility will mean that we are able to redirect time and energy towards the mission.  Our goal is to have a small to medium sized facility (multi-purpose) that will enable us to impact our community through family ministry programs and community outreach.  A permanent facility will allow us to have a single base of operations and a permanent presence in the community we love.

How will we accomplish this?

By stretching our faith and giving for greater reach.

STRETCH is a two-year generosity initiative that will help us to:

  • Increase our level of giving
  • Raise funds for a permanent church home

We believe that God is calling us to take a step of action, to “stretch our tent curtains wide” in preparation for what He is about to do. We know that God is faithful to provide, but He does so through people of faith who are willing to partner with Him.


We will accomplish this by raising the level of generosity in our church through a ONE FUND giving initiative called STRETCH. Over the next two years all giving will be directed into ONE FUND which will include our operating budgets and future savings.


Download the STRETCH brochure here.