Young Adults 2018-02-28T22:13:50+00:00

We are excited about something that we’re starting at Pathway for young adults.  Over the last few years we’ve seen the number of young adults attending our church grow significantly, meanwhile we haven’t provided them with any formal program. It’s been comforting knowing that many of our young adults are already connecting with groups like yours for Bible study, prayer, worship and games. Now we sense it’s our time to join you on mission and contribute to the young adult ministry going on in Peterborough, as well as find a way to connect the young adults at Pathway with the broader community.

What we’re envisioning is a series of monthly events called YA Nights. Each event will include a relevant message (TED talk style) around the topics young adults regularly face, followed by round table discussion and include in there some delicious eats and some fun social games.

Our hope is that these events would help young adults to grow and connect and that it would provide an on-ramp for churched and unchurched young adults of all types (students, in-career, single, married, etc) to form new relationships and connect with all the amazing groups and programs that are already happening around our city.

So the first of the YA Nights will be hosted at Rhema Christian School on March 8 starting at 7pm, and we’d love to have you join us, and any other young adults you’re connected with.