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Grades 6-8

Quest is our Junior Youth program which meets on Friday evenings at Rhema Christian School from 7-9pm (unless otherwise announced).

At Quest we aim to provide junior high students with a safe and welcoming environment where they feel as though they belong and will form lasting friendships. Through small group discussions, service projects and a close relationship with their small group leaders, we hope students take steps closer to God and begin to own their faith.

Calendar of Events

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Andrew & Sonya Friesen
Andrew & Sonya FriesenYouth Directors
Andrew and Sonya are passionate about seeing teens take steps closer to God. Each week they are working with a team of amazing volunteers to see faith growing in the next generation of our church.

Grades 9-12

DRIVE SR Youth – We are happy to share that starting new this year, SR Youth will be meeting at Rhema Christian school each Friday evening from 7-9 p.m (unless otherwise announced). This is open to anyone in grades 9-12.

At Drive we aim to journey alongside senior high students in helping them discover their unique talents, abilities and gifts to help them navigate all that high school brings with big decisions, opportunities and challenges.  Through small group discussions, service projects and a close relationship with their small group leader, we look forward to seeing teens make long-term commitments to a life of serving Jesus.