Grades 6-8

Ever stood in Union Station in rush hour? Junior high students often feel that way—even when they’re alone! It can be a confusing, exciting, scary time of change in every area of life. Quest is our Friday night environment  specially designed to help them sort it all out, happening 7-9pm at Rhema Christian School (see calendar or weekly parent email for details).

Through inspirational speakers, fun games, heartfelt small group discussions, opportunities to worship/serve and tasty snacks, students explore their relationship with Jesus and how that can influence every decision they make. Even if it’s your student’s very first week at Quest, we deliberately make it a safe and welcoming environment where they can belong. Consistent small group leaders help along the way – laughing alongside, loving, and leading your junior high student. Follow us on Instagram @pathwayquestdrive.

Andrew & Sonya Friesen
Andrew & Sonya FriesenYouth Directors
Since 2014 when Pathway Youth launched, Andrew and Sonya have worked to build a team of leaders passionate about seeing teens taking steps closer to God. Today, roughly 15 leaders and 50-60 teens show up weekly to connect, laugh, learn and grow.  Together we’re working to accomplish our goal of reaching teens far from God and seeing them become devoted followers of Jesus.

Grades 9-12

Is there a tougher season of life to navigate than the teen years? Probably not, either as a teen or a parent of one. We want to partner with you as a parent through these years by providing your teen with a consistent invested small group leader and a fun place to connect with group of peers running in a positive spiritual direction.

Drive is our weekly environment for high school students to unwind after a long week with great memories together, leaders that care and pay attention to what’s going on in their lives, and engaging helpful truths and follow-up discussion. Music, snacks, and amazing leaders make this a great space to connect and learn, whether as a regular or first-timer. We meet Friday night’s 7-9pm at Rhema Christian School (see calendar or weekly parent email for details). Follow us on Instagram @pathwayquestdrive.