Welcome to Pathway Youth!

We’re a family of leaders and teens (and parents) that LOVE doing life together, exploring a deeper relationship with God, and navigating these crazy years together!  Join us Wednesday nights 7-9pm (most weeks at Master's College, 780 Argyle St). Subscribe to the parent email or follow us @pathwayquestdrive on IG to track with us this year!

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Grades 6-8

Junior high, at the best of times can be a confusing, exciting, scary time of change in every area of life. Quest is our Jr High Wednesday night environment specially designed to help them sort it all out, happening 7-9pm and currently gathering at Master's College. Occassionally we meet offsite for special events. Please go to Instagram or subscribe to our weekly parent email for up to date info on what's happening this week!

Through inspirational speakers, fun games, heartfelt small group discussions, opportunities to worship/serve and tasty snacks, students explore their relationship with Jesus and how that can influence every decision they make. Even if it’s your student’s very first week at Quest, we deliberately make it a safe and welcoming environment where they can belong. Consistent small group leaders help along the way – laughing alongside, loving, and leading your junior high student.

Grades 9-12

Do you want the good news or bad news first?  Let’s start with the bad: There’s probably not a tougher season of life to navigate than the teen years, either as a teen or a parent of one.

The good news: You’re not alone.

Drive is our senior high school group that meets together in person on Wednesdays to spend time in community with each other and with adult leaders that care and pay attention to what’s going on in their lives and gain valuable life insights through messages and small group discussion. Music, snacks, and amazing leaders make this a great space to ride through these years. We currently gather weekly at Master's College. Occassionally we meet offsite for special events. Please go to Instagram or subscribe to our weekly parent email for up to date info on what's happening this week!

Pathway Youth Leaders 2022

Today, over 20 leaders invest weekly over multiple years in 10 different Quest/Drive small groups divided by grade. These relationships of connection, laugher, learning and growing together make a lasting impact on a teen.  Many leaders have become trusted mentors/friends/coaches as they’ve journeyed with teens over multiple years. Together we’re working to accomplish our goal of reaching teens far from God and seeing them become devoted followers of Jesus.

Jackson Wiltshire Youth Director

Jackson joined the team at Pathway in summer 2023 as interim Youth Director. Jackson grew up in Bancroft and first moved to Peterborough when he began his studies at Trent University in 2017.  He was heavily involved with campus ministry while in school, both with InterVarsity Student Fellowship at Trent and UCCF while studying in Wales. Jackson is passionate about introducing teens and young adults to Jesus and is excited to take what he's learned from his time in campus ministry to Pathway Youth and see teens take their next (or first!) step of faith. 

If you’re a parent of a Gr6-12, we’d love to connect with you. We’re here to partner with you as a parent through these years by providing your teen with a consistent invested small group leader and a fun place to connect with group of peers running in the direction of hope and love found in Jesus and following Him.   Reach out to Jackson via email jackson@pathwaylife.com to find out more.