“Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ”

Galatians 6:2

At Pathway Church we desire to support our church family in spiritual and practical ways, especially during times of need.  One of the primary ways that we see this happen is through our Life Groups (click here to learn more), but there are always individuals and families who need additional assistance or support from the church.

Meals Ministry

At no cost to the recipient, we are blessed with volunteers who love to prepare and deliver dinner meals using their time and gifts to help our church family who are recovering from medical issues, loss, or have newborn infants.

Who we serve?

Because of the large size of our church family and it’s many needs and adding in our limited resources of our volunteers, we reserve all meal requests for regular attenders of Pathway Church.  We serve families/individuals whose needs are not already being met through their involvement in a Life Group, family or friends.

When do Meals Come?

Please give 48-72 hour notice for meal requests if possible.  Someone will respond to your request with the approved Meal Schedule (Exceptions can apply)

How Long?

We will provide 2-3 meals in the 2 weeks following a request.  If more meals are needed, we can assess the situation at the end of the meal schedule, and EXTEND the meal schedule if possible.

How to Receive Meals?

Evaluate the involvement of help from your Life group, family and friends before contacting us.  If you are asking for help on behalf of someone within our church, please get their permission first before you contact us.  Meal requests are made through calls (705) 775 5697 or using the form below

Request assistance with meals

Please leave a brief message below indicating your situation and someone will get back to you.

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Prayer is a vital part of Christian community.  If you are in need of prayer support or encouragement we have two options for you.

  1. Each Sunday following our service there is prayer available in our prayer area.  We have amazing volunteers that would love to speak with you and pray together with you.

  2. Our staff team spends time each week praying for needs within the church.  Fill out the form below to send in a prayer request and we will make sure to include your request in our prayer time.

Join A Prayer Circle

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If you are currently in the hospital receiving treatment and would like a visit from someone, we have have staff members and volunteers who would love to visit and pray with you during this time.  Fill out the form below to request a visit.

Request A Visit

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Are you struggling with – grief, stress, depression, marital issues, trouble at home, anger problems, anxiety, job loss, life-stage change, abuse, addictions or trauma?

If you attend Pathway Church and would like to receive some help to resolve any personal issues, the Congregational Assistance Plan (CAP) is meant for you. Through CAP you can receive free counselling from a qualified, Master’s – degree level Christian Therapist.

CAP is an anonymous, confidential, professional counselling service. There is no cost to you to use CAP – Simply call Shalem directly at 1-866-347-0041 or contact Shalem by email at office@shalemnetwork.org

Call Shalem – They’ll work with you to help get the support you need.